Passion for food and a calling to capture its beauty is how my journey began 3 years ago when I set upon the task of self learning foodstyling and photography.While I started out on it as a pet project with set goals and measurable progress on my instagram gallery, over the years I have explored different styles of photography and developed my instincts for foodstyling, textures, colors and lighting. You can still trace my progress and struggles with concepts on

My work has reached a new turn where now people engage and reach out to me for advice, tips and even collaborations and projects and I love working on these opportunities as they present new challenges and perspectives.

Startups bring in their own individuality and fresh ideas and I have helped prop stores build a catalog for their collection,worked for start up muesli brands with a vision for fresh local ingredients based health food and local bakeries set up thier instagram campaign.  Reach out to me on if you would love to work with me as well.